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QUIKbyke rents top quality electric-assist bicycles from U.S. companies. They are the perfect way to see more and do more while ashore at your own pace. Quiet, clean electric motors are designed to effortlessly supplement your own energy, allowing you to enjoy your ride regardless of terrain or level of personal fitness.

We are currently in startup mode, but our plan is to bring our smart, cloud-connected, solar-powered technology to popular vacation locations worldwide, starting first in the United States, followed by the Caribbean.

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Our Story

QUIKbyke is a spin-off of EV World.com, among the longest running digital publications devoted to the world of electric vehicles, founded in 1998. We recognize that not everyone can afford to own, at least for now, an electric car, but everyone can enjoy the delight of riding an electric bike, and we're dedicated to helping make that happen by giving as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the "EV smile" for many fun-filled miles.

Our Mission

While much of the world lacks access to modern automobiles, across the developed world we have a surfeit of cars and trucks and it's costing us in many ways: economically, environmentally, and most importantly, physiologically. Forty percent of all trips we make are less than 3 mi (5km). Shifting just a portion of those trips to bicycles can have a significant impact on both public health and finance, estimated as much as $24 trillion by 2050. We believe that the more of us who discover the joy of riding an e-bike, the more we'll choose it as not just a fun means of recreation but also as a viable and sustainable transportation alternative, and that will be better for all of us.

QUIKbyke Technologies

What sets QUIKbyke apart is our obsession with rider safety and security. We want every ride to be carefree as well as memorable. To help ensure that, we are working towards embedding the best in Internet-of-Things technologies that not only networks our Qiosks together for a consistently excellent renter experience from one location to the next but also connects our ebikes to the Qiosk and to each other. Additionaly, we have a U.S. patent pending on technology to alert motorists to every QUIKbyke e-bikes' presence to help avoid collisions.

Investors and Franchises

QUIKbyke is managed by ePEDALER International, llc, a Nebraska-based limited liability corporation. We are funded by five investors and a matching prototype development grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. Though we are in the technology development stage, we continue to receive inquiries about possible franchise opportunities. While we are focused on building the best system possible, we also are mindful that QUIKbyke offers a potentially rewarding business opportunity for others and the first opportunity we have to move beyond the initial proof-of-concept phase, we will begin exploring the franchise model. Watch this space for more details.