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Making the Wellness Case

Wellness has become a corporate cause as employers look for ways to control their healthcare insurance costs, and ePEDALER has developed a compelling approach that offers a way to improve employee wellbeing and that of the community.

This past week I made the case for e-bikes being -- literally -- ‘vehicles’ for wellness, and the message seemed well received. I sat down with Rebecca Vinton Dorn, the director of the Wellness Council of the Midlands here in Omaha. WELCOM, as it’s called, is charged with helping its member, which include some of the major corporate players in the community, companies whose names you’d probably recognize, design and manage employee wellness programs. I wanted to familiarize her with the mission of ePEDALER Making the Wellness Case and get her agency’s help in better understanding the needs of their members and whether or not electric-assist bicycles could play a role in a corporate wellness initiative. The take away from the meeting was for me to provide her with more information, which I worked on this past week in the form a 14-page PDF brochure that makes the case for the inclusion of e-bikes in wellness programs. I submitted it to her for her review late in the week with the hope that she will come back with suggestions on how to better tailor it to the needs of her members.

The underlying message is that e-bikes not only have demonstrated their physiological benefits, but equally important, they seem to provide the necessary psychological ‘nudge’ that it takes for someone to park the car and take the bike, even if only to run errands around the neighborhood. Of course, ePEDALER wants them to be used far more frequently for fitness, finances, and fun.

Posted By: Bill Moore [09-Mar-2013]