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What ePEDALER Is Not

Some EV World.com readers seem confused as to what ePEDALER is, assuming, mistakenly, that it will be another digital publication or magazine.

It’s hard to be coy and clear at the same time, and that appears to be the case with our ePEDALER spin-off start-up. We want to share the excitement of what we’re doing, but we don’t -- I think for obvious reasons -- want to give away the family jewels at the same time, so to speak. This has led to some confusion as to what it is exactly we’re developing. Is it another publication like EV World?

Is it some kind of educational project? The answer to the first question is, categorically, No. ePEDALER is not another publication; print, digital or otherwise. Don’t expect to hear us offering you another magazine, PDF file, or website like EV WORLD.

Nor will it be some sort of public education initiative, though education certainly is an important part of ePEDALER’s sales tool kit. ePEDALER is very much about sales, but not of subscriptions or lesson plans or some other intangible. It’s about real, physical, hold-in-your-hands hardware: electric-assist bicycles from the best manufacturers in the world. The difference is, we plan to do it, well, differently from how e-bikes are traditionally distributed, sold and serviced, and no, we are not planning to become another online reseller, though there is an online component to the business plan; it just isn’t our primary focus. We believe in face-to-face relationships and trust building, not in having UPS drop off something at your doorstep. We are committed to our customers becoming our friends who thoroughly understand our products and our services. We want them to have the best experience possible with their ebike, and we believe people are willing to pay for that level of service.

Posted By: Bill Moore [01-Mar-2013]