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Update on the Creation ePEDALER

Originally written on 1-December-2013, this blog first appeared in Edition 12.48 of EV World Insider Illustrated, our digital magazine for tablet devices like Apple's iPAD.

This is the first of what I plan to be a continuing series of reports on the progress of launching ePEDALER, our ‘bricks ‘n mortar’ spin-off of EV World.Com. As I explained in the Vision/Mission PDF brochure, we aim to get more Americans off their car seats and onto bike saddles, with the focus on electric-assist bicycles from the top manufacturers. Towards this end, we are carefully moving forward on several fronts: an innovative retail marketing and sales approach, a corporate commuter wellness program, and various lease/rental venues.

At this writing, I am pleased to report that more than 6,000 EV World subscribers and Twitter followers have downloaded the Vision/Mission brochure: that is 44% of our mailing list, which is an amazing response rate. Thank you.

As part of our ‘game plan’ to launch the pilot program here in Omaha, we have now met with the city planning department’s pedestrian and bicycling coordinator to begin discussions on how to encourage and manage the deployment of electric-assist bicycles so we don’t find ourselves in the same situation as New York City e-bike users. I’ve met face-to-face or talked via telephone with representatives of the local Chamber of Commerce, which has opened doors to both the Wellness and Human Resources organizations in the community.
Finally, I had a lengthy discussion via Skype video this past week with Giovanni Alli with Milan Polytechnic in Italy about their Bike+ charge sustaining electric-assist system, including potential areas of collaboration with my local university’s sports physiology lab. I am looking to introduce their system into some of the bicycles used in our bikeshare system here in Omaha to evaluate their potential to encourage even more people to use the system. Additionally, in January, I will be meeting with the Lab director to also discuss setting up a pilot research project to evaluate the physiological benefits of using electric-assist bicycles with both types of charge depletion systems: pedelec and hybrid, as well as the Bike+ mechanism.

Of course, I am also continuing the search for that ‘angel’ investor. Toward that end, we’ve come up with a compensation scheme that I think is fair and in keeping with my goal to create a nationwide employee-owned enterprise, but more on that at another time.

Posted By: Bill Moore [28-Feb-2013]