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Gusto carbon fiber road bike.
Gusto carbon fiber road bike.

From Noodle Maker to Carbon Fiber Bike Builder

Bike Europe reports from the annual Taipei Bicycle Show that Taiwan's largest Chinese noodle maker is the money behind Leadforce International Bicycle's new Gusto bicycle brand.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of bicycle makers from global powerhouses like Giant and Hero to small, customer builders. Now we can add to that list an unnamed Chinese noodle maker (possibly Master Kong's Wei Ing-chou). According to Bike Europe, reporting from the 2013 Taipei Bicycle Show, the Gusto brand of carbon fiber bikes, road and mountain/trail bikes (MTB) will be marketed initially in Taiwan through Leadforce International Bicycle Co. Ltd. Exports to Europe and USA will follow in 2014.

The bikes were designed by a Dutch firm and the carbon fiber frames are fabricated in house. Of course, it's hard to resist commenting about mixing instant noodles and carbon fiber bikes, especially since an Israeli inventor has perfected a cardboard bicycle.

Since the Gusto web site is primarily in Chinese, its difficult to know what pricing will be.

It wouldn't come as a surprise that somewhere along the way, Gusto will follow many other bike makers and introduce electric-assist models, which are the growing market in Europe, if not yet in North America.

Posted By: Bill Moore [22-Mar-2013]