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The Truth About Exercise

Michael Mosley, a British journalist and physician looks at what exercise does for us and why it's harder for some people to do it than others in this BBC Horizon's television series, via Vimeo.

PBS broadcast this BBC video tonight. It helps answer a lot of questions I've had about what's the best exercise? Turns out one of the best is just simply moving: getting up off that desk chair and moving every hour. Even just standing is good. A sedate 1.2-1.3 mph walk raises your metabolism 300 percent over its resting rate. This is especially important for sedentary jobs like editing EV World and writing these blogs.

The surprise finding is that you can see improvement with just 3 minutes of intense exercise a week... and I do mean intense. Watch and see what I mean.

Posted By: Bill Moore [10-Apr-2013]