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Sitting Is Slowly Killing Us

If you're like me, you probably sit way too much during the day, and what I didn't realize was that it is slowly killing me.

I came across this infograph below recently. It's been republished elsewhere on the 'Net, but I found it compelling because I spend so much of my time sitting, as many of us do. It's an occupational hazard of running a web site like EV World.com. After seeing it, I decided that I needed to get up and move more often during the day; a day, by the way, that I now break-up with either 45 minutes of brisk walking on my our treadmill or 30+ minutes of rowing.

But I still have to sit to write and do all the other tasks required to run my business, though perhaps the next time I design my office, I'll include a workstation where I can stand and work.

Just because we have to sit while we work, there's no reason we can't also find a way to move. Lifehack.org has some great suggestions for exercising at or near your desk. And when you sit, consider following Esther Gokhale's recommendations in the above TEDTalk video.

Posted By: Bill Moore [24-Apr-2013]