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Bicycles Means Business

A four-panel infograph that compares the economic impact of bicycles versus automobiles on housing prices and local business revenues.

Let's be honest, automobiles are big business, representing, by some estimates, one-in-ten jobs in the U.S. economy. The automobile-driven economy has had a profound impact on individual lives, as well as national and the global economy, providing an unprecedented level of personal mobility unimagined a century ago.

But our car culture also has a dark side, from its pollution to its death rates. The freedom they promise also brings a level of financial servitude, not to mention, national dependence on a resource increasingly controlled by seemingly soulless corporations and autocratic regimes.

Yet a kinder, gentler form of personal mobility - the bicycle - is starting to demonstrate its own economic benefits to the community, as illustrated in this infograph posted by Carolyn Szczepanski recently on MMag.

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Posted By: Bill Moore [05-May-2013]