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Copenhagen ranked 2nd in 2013 Index.
Copenhagen ranked 2nd in 2013 Index.

The World's Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities

Which cities on the planet are most supportive to bicycles? That's the question Copenhagenize.eu asked in 2011, ranking 80 international cities. Now their new 2013 Index is out after adding another 70 more.

The bicycling activist web site, Copenhagenize.Eu released their Copenhagenize Index the 14 top international cities in terms of their cycling friendliness. They purportedly shifted through reams of data on 150 world cities and came up with the following index, which places Amsterdam in the number one position. Only one city, Montreal, made the top ranking in North America.

Inspired by a conversation in 2010 by James Schwartz with Mikael Colville-Anderson, who runs the Copenhagenize.eu web site, the first index appeared in 2011 and reviewed 80 cities. About the 2013 index, Colville-Anderson explains:

The 2013 Index has taken a lot longer than we expected. We ranked 80 cities in 2011 and increased that to 150 this time round. Although this time round we had the help of over 400 individuals on every continent - our eyes and ears on the ground - to assist with the ranking.

While a mammoth task done con amore, it was just as interesting and rewarding as in 2011. While we would have liked to have ranked every single city on the planet, we kept it to a rough population size and included some cities because of their importance in their nation.

2013 Copenhagenize Index

Posted By: Bill Moore [05-May-2013]