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Flight Electric Bicycle is one of more than 130+ brands available in USA.
Flight Electric Bicycle is one of more than 130+ brands available in USA.

Electric Bike Sales Take Off in USA

New study finds electric bicycle market in the United States doubles to 159,000 units sold between July 2012 and July 2013.

eCycleElectric International Consultants latest survey of the electric bicycle market in the United States finds that compared to numbers reported in 2012, the number of e-bikes sold in the last 12 months have now, effectively, doubled to an estimated 159,000.

Additionally, eCycleElectric's research has identified some 130+ brands being sold by more than 900 dealers, both through physical store fronts and online. Of the 134 brands identified, a third of them (54) are new to the North American market, with 30 of them offering newly imported goods, with the remainder offeing left-over or overstock/closeout surplus items, usually offered at discounts.

The researchers, led by Ed Benjamin, note that while two brands, Prodeco and Optibike assembly their product in the United States, most e-bikes and virtually all components come from either China or Taiwan. Some completely assembled e-bikes also are coming in from Europe.

They also point out that the 900+ dealers do not represent larger American retailers, noting:

908 retailers, (not including mass merchants such as Wal-Mart and Amazon) claim to be selling electric bikes. These dealers include electric bike specialists, electric vehicle specialists, motor sports retailers, Internet retailers, independent bicycle dealers, hardware stores, car parts stores, and more. Major mass merchants such as Wal-Mart, Sears, Target, Best Buy, (and Amazon) are also participating, although not in all of their stores locations.

By contrast, sales of electric-assist bicycles in Europe, for example surpassed the 1 million mark at least two years ago. There are not an estimated 1 million e-bikes in Netherlands, alone.

Posted By: Bill Moore [09-Aug-2013]