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Newly remodeled cruise ship terminal on Aruba.
Newly remodeled cruise ship terminal on Aruba.

Help Us Select the E-Bike for Our Test Fleet on Aruba

EV World's spin-off startup ePEDALER is moving closer to launching its first affiliate on the Caribbean island of Aruba, so we need to start deciding which e-bike we're going to feature. You can help us decide.

If you've been following EV World for any length of time, you're likely aware that we are engaged in launching a spin-off startup business renting electric-assist bicycles to tourists in the Caribbean, starting on the island of Aruba. Guided by the principles laid out in Eric Reis' The Lean Startup, we are planning to begin with a minimum number of low-cost manual bicycles to gauge customer interest and concerns. Our ePEDALER Aruba affiliate has secured a prime location for us inside the cruise ship terminal area where an average of 2000 passengers per ship can disembark in a single day. As the above photo of the Oranjestad cruise ship dock shows, multiple cruise ships stop at Aruba during six month-long season that stretches from November through April. Right now as we enter February, we are hitting the vacation peak month there.

I bring this to your attention, dear reader, because (1) I want to raise awareness of the service, and (2) ask your help as we plan for a full 'beta' launch of what we hope will be an enterprise that will eventually cover other popular cruise and tourist destinations, providing our guests with a fun introduction to electric-assist bicycles.

I should point out that we are not launching our own brand of e-bikes. Instead, we will be working with established manufacturers, two of whom we're right now seriously considering: Currie Technologies, the largest and longest-lived e-bike seller in North America, and Prodeco, fast becoming one of the top tier US sellers. Two of their ebikes intrigue us and you'll find photos of each below. What I'd like ask you to help me with is deciding which of these two models you, hypothetically, might be interested in renting if you had the opportunity. The specs on the bikes are pretty similar, other than the Currie bike has 20 inch wheels and the Prodeco has 26 inch wheels. I should add there is an appreciable price difference between the two, so economics will play a part in our decision, but from your perspective, which holds the most appeal to you, and if neither, why? Would you take a moment of your time to help with this poll?

Posted By: Bill Moore [31-Jan-2014]