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Interior of Mammal Hall, College of Business, University of Nebraska
Interior of Mammal Hall, College of Business, University of Nebraska

Pitching ePEDALER E-Bike Rentals

Slide presentation based on March 5, 2014 'pitch' on the launch of ePEDALER, an electric-assist bicycle rental startup, at Omaha's One Million Cups entrepreneurial meet up.

Three times a month, on a Wednesday morning at 9 AM, entrepreneurial hopefuls get together on the College of Business campus of the University of Nebraska Omaha to hear 6-minute pitches from local startups. On March 5, 2014 it was ePEDALER's turn to tell its story as clearly and succinctly as possible, plus another 20-minutes set aside for Q&A.

The goal of the presentation is to explain what the business is and how we plan to make money at it. In this respect, it's somewhat unique from the typical software App-focused startup that is often presented. ePEDALER's revenue model is straight-forward: people pay us to rent our bikes for set periods of time: 2-hours, 4-hours and 6-8 hours or 'All Day.' Within this business model are other revenue opportunities that include apparel/memorabilia sales, trip insurance, beverage sales, advertising and business referrals.

The video below, featuring ePEDALER founder and EV World publisher Bill Moore, is based on that presentation and runs just over ten minutes. In this version there was no one with a stop watch to cut him off, though there should have been. But hey, he's the boss... right?

Posted By: Bill Moore [25-Mar-2014]