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Pitching ePEDALER @ 1 Million Cups Omaha

Started by the Kaufman Foundation in Kansas City, 1 Million Cups organizations are springing up across America, allowing entrepreneurs, both young and old, to make six-minute pitches. Here's ePEDALER's.

Once a week, local entrepreneurs in Omaha and Lincoln gather to meet other like-minded individuals and to hear 'pitches' about hopeful startups. March 5, 2014 was ePEDALER's opportunity as the founder and chief visionary officer, Bill Moore, who also happens to be the publisher of EV World.com, tells our story to several dozen attendees in beautiful Mammal Hall on the College of Business Campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Since this presentation, ePEDALER has officially become ePEDALER International, registered in Nebraska as a limited liability corporation. You can also view a follow-on version of this presentation showing the slides we used for the presentation.

Posted By: Bill Moore [31-Mar-2014]