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Where Are the Bike-Friendliest Communities in America and Why?

Good.is and Column Five collaborated on an infograph that highlights which states and communities are considered by the Bicycle League of America the most progressive in terms of promoting and supporting bicycling.

More than 100 years ago, the dominate form of personal mobility was the bicycle. Far more bikes were sold in America annually than automobiles, but by the start of the First World War, the 'golden age' of cycling had passed and the nation had begun to move onto its century-long love affair with the motor car.

By the 1970's, however, some American communities had begun to re-embrace the bicycle and begun concerted efforts to not only promote cycling as a healthy alternative to motoring but to also actively support it with educational programs, infrastructure, and legislation. Those efforts have paid off, as the infograph below illustrates.

Compiled from several cycling sources, Good.Is and Column Five collaborated to assembly some of the more pertinent facts regarding the top bicycle-friendly communities in the the United States. ePEDALER took the liberty of reorganizing the graphs to better fit the page. To see a larger version of the graphic, click the image.

Biking Friendly Communities Infograph

Posted By: Bill Moore [17-Apr-2014]