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Riding a bicycle in a dress can be problematic and potentially embarassing, but there is slick 'hack' to solve the problem.
Riding a bicycle in a dress can be problematic and potentially embarassing, but there is slick 'hack' to solve the problem.

How to Bicycle in A Dress Without Being Embarrassed

This neat little clothing 'hack' will make riding a bicycle in a dress embarrassment-free for women who prefer, for modesty's sake, to not flash their thighs in public.

At ePEDALER, we want everyone riding a bicycle: old, young, male, female. And in places like Netherlands and Denmark, as well as Paris' Velib bicycle share system, it is women who actually make up the majority of bicycle riders. The percentage drops appreciably once you get to North America. A significant reason has to do with the perception of safety: women naturally are more concerned about it than are men, generally speaking. Women prefer not to have to share the road with motorcars and lorries, as they say in Britain.

But is also can be a fashion and modesty issue. Riding a bicycle in shorts or blue jeans is one thing, doing it in skirt, either the short, tight, form-flattering kind or the feminine, billowy-type like the lady above, represents, for some at least, just one more reason to not climb on a bike.

That's why when I came across this "penny-in-yo-pants" clothing 'hack', I thought it worth sharing. This simple little trick makes it possible for any woman to ride a bicycle - electric or not - carefree. Fear of flashing parts you prefer to keep private evaporate as you'll see from the video I found on Slate.

Posted By: Bill Moore [04-Jul-2014]


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