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Rules of the Road for Safe Cycling
Rules of the Road for Safe Cycling

Rules of the Road: The Ultimate Bicycling Safety Guide

While bicycle deaths in the USA are down 28 percent since 1975, the reason has more to do with protective parents and skittish adults than safer streets. In 2012, 722 bicyclists became fatality statistics in the United States. This Custom Made infograph aims to help you or your loved one from becoming just plot point on a graph.

The above Insurance Institute of Highway Safety graph is easy to explain. Boys aren't riding bikes the way they once did, certainly not to the same level I did growing up in Omaha where we went everywhere by bicycle. It was also on my bicycle that I was struck by a car, but it was entirely my fault: I failed to stop for a stop sign. That little mistake cost me my summer in a body cast. It could just as easily have been a casket.

The rising green line of adult men being killed just goes to prove we're just more foolhardy than women, for despite a lack of adequate safe cycling infrastructure, we're still eager to cycle for exercise, for sport, or for work or school. Little girls and their mothers are just more cautious than us guys, so their fatalities rates have remained relatively static.

But as the expansive infograph below, created by Custom Made, illustrates, cycling is catching on more and more, often out of economic necessity, as well as for the fun and or fitness of it. As more of us climb back on two-wheelers - both manual and electric - it's vital we understand the 'rules of the road' when it comes to bicycle safety, especially in the frustrating absence of safe cycling infrastructure. In this single graphic are the key take-aways to helping reduce the chances of you becoming, at best, a cycling accident survivor like me, or at worse, a sad statistic.

How To Share The Road - The Ultimate Guide to Bike Safety

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Posted By: Bill Moore [14-Jul-2014]