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Four cruise ships, each carrying an average of 2,500 passengers docked in St. Maarten in the Caribbean.
Four cruise ships, each carrying an average of 2,500 passengers docked in St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

Cruise Ship Holidays Explained in a Single Infograph

The average cruise ship in service today is twice the size of the Titanic, and the newest, the Allure of the Seas carries nearly 6,300 passengers and 2,400 crew members, with the Caribbean being the number one destination, followed by the Mediterranean and then Europe, which helps explain why ePEDALER is focusing its electric bicycle rental service on this market and in these regions. We want as many people as possible to experience the fun and fitness of 'riding the current.'

Here are some of the key bulletpoints from a recent Daily Mail article on the cruise ship industry from a British perspective as highlighted by the infograph below, which was compiled by Cruise1st.co.uk.

  • • Passenger figures have risen by 21 per cent in past five years

  • • Caribbean is top destination, followed by Mediterranean and Europe

  • • 'Megaship’ carries over 6,000 passengers and weighs 225,300 tonnes

  • • Has 2,700 rooms, and required 158,503 gallons of paint to decorate it

What the infograph doesn't discuss is the size of the industry nor its annual revenues. Since 2000 a total of 167 new ships have been built and an additional 26 are on order between 2013 and 2016, representing an investment valued at $9.5USD billion. 14 of those are ocean going and 12 are riverboat and coastal water cruisers. All totaled, just the inventory of these 26 new ships represents an additional 48,000 berths.

Revenues have grown from $27.56 billion in 2008 to $37.1 billion estimated for 2014, according to Statista. With 37% of cruise passengers booking passages in the Caribbean, that equates to more than 8 million potential e-bike renters annually, just in this region alone. Of course, most won't be interested in renting electric bicycles for host of good reasons, but our mission is to introduce as many of them, if only visually as they walk by, to e-bikes as possible; we want to plant the seeds of potential change in their minds; we get them to thinking differently about their transportation options, one that is less automobile centric. And if we can get just 1% of rent an ebike... well, let's just say the business case is encouraging.

Of course, as in any human endeavor, there is a dark side to the cruise industry, from inexplicable disappearances of passengers at sea to robberies ashore to ship-wide contagions. While care should be taken at all times, for the vast majority of passengers, their cruises are relaxing and largely uneventful. Still ePEDALER is cognizant of these concerns and will implement measures to make everyone's e-bike excursion as safe and as fun as possible.

Cruise1st infograph pitches the bright side of cruise ship vacations.

Posted By: Bill Moore [10-Aug-2014]