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Rhonda Martin poses with Ford-branded Pedego electric bicycle.
Rhonda Martin poses with Ford-branded Pedego electric bicycle.

Who Said E-Bikes Are For the Lazy?

Just over two years ago, Rhonda Martin weighed 457 pounds and could barely walk 150 steps. So far this year she's participated in four triathlons, taking bronze in one of them. In the process of her journey from morbidly obese to competitively fit, she's shed 277 pounds, and the big key to her success has been an electric bicycle.

It is a generally held assumption, especially by avid cyclists, that if you ride an electric bicycle you are just lazy.

Well, let me introduce you to Rhonda Martin, an Iowa-transplant, to will shatter that misconception.

In February 2012, Rhonda weighted 457 pounds (207 kg/32.6 stone). According to her, she could only walk 150 steps before having to rest.

So far this year, she's participated in four triathlons and actually medaled (Bronze) in the Athena class in the San Diego Triathlon Classic. Today she weighs 180 lbs, having shed 277 lbs.

What's the secret to her success? An improved diet, of course, and to a large extent, an electric bicycle. As she explains in her recent interview with Bob Babbitt, she'd been overweight pretty much most of her life and the older she got, the more sedentary she became. Her midwestern diet, heavy on carbs, only exacerbated the problem, despite having moved to San Diego some twenty years ago.

Over the years, she explains, she'd tried multiple diets, losing some weight and then gaining it back a few months later. She'd even bought an early Pedego electric bicycle, but it sat unused in the garage.

Then spurred on by a friend who'd decided to lose weight, she bought a pedometer and set herself a goal of walking 100 more steps each day. She also climbed back onto the Pedego and pedaled a little more each day, eventually falling in love with cycling, and in the process, started shedding pounds.

Today she owns a nice road bike that she rides in her triathlons, but she still rides the electric bike to work and back as her commuter, relishing the two hours of exercise and tranquility it affords her at the start and finish of her day.

She started a Facebook page and has some 12,000 followers now. Below are a 'before and after' photo from her FB page, as well as one with her road bike.

The point she stresses in her interview with Bob Babbitt is that the e-bike was her introduction to a more active lifestyle. It provided her with the bridge she needed to make the journey from unfit to fit, from barely being able to walk a little over two years ago to medaling in triathlons.

It's an amazing story. Be sure to listen to her interview and check out her Facebook page: Living Instead of Existing.

Rhonda Martin before and after her weight-loss

Rhonda Martin with her triathlon road bike.

Posted By: Bill Moore [19-Oct-2014]