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The ebike rider in the Bike to Work race
The ebike rider in the Bike to Work race

When One Man and 1/2 HP Is Faster Than an Acura TLX

For one week in May, it is 'Bike to Work Week', an annual event meant to raise public consciousness about the benefits of riding a bicycle to work, instead of driving a car. Most people will assume that driving the car is faster than riding a bike. The gang at Shocke Bike in Vancouver, British Columbia thought differently and set out to prove it. Here's their video proof recorded by GoPro cameras.

In North America, the majority of commuters drive cars to work everyday, most of them alone in their cars, minivans, and pickups. According to the latest US Census Bureau figures, in the 50 largest American cities, only 1 percent of commuters bike to work, though encouragingly that's up from 0.6 percent in 2000.

There are lots of reasons for this: lack of adequate -- meaning safe -- cycling infrastructure, the desire not to arrive at work sweaty, the stigma of being perceived as either not making enough money to afford a car or having a suspended driver's license for DUI. Or there's simply the notion that cars simply are quicker and convenient than a bicycle. Capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph (160 km/h), the average car can leave even the best cyclist in the dust. This might be true on a wide open Interstate, but it becomes seriously debatable in city traffic, especially during morning rush hour.

To challenge the 'cars are faster' argument, Shocke Bikes of Vancouver, B.C. decided to find out which took the least amount of time to travel to a morning business meeting: a cyclist on an electric bicycle or a motorist in a Acura TLX. Both men set out from the same location at the same time, recording their journeys by GoPro camera, along with with lapsed time. They sped up the video during editing, compressing the more than 30-minute recording down to just over 4-minutes.

As you'll see, the e-bike rider did, indeed, win, but the margin by which he did so is quite surprising.

Posted By: Bill Moore [01-Jun-2015]