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Electric cargo bike powered by Bosch mid-drive motor.
Electric cargo bike powered by Bosch mid-drive motor.

How You Too Can Get 1000 MPG!

Electric bicycle designer Zach Krapfl's TEDxPaonia talk on 'change in your transportation future,' highlights the benefits of getting out of your car, ICE-age or EV, and using an electric bicycle instead.

Knowing not only my long-standing commitment to bringing about an EV World but also my involvement in promoting the greater use of electric bicycles, my long-time colleague Ed Benjamin shared with me Zach Krapfl's TEDx talk. I decided to share it with you, in part because it's pretty informative. It also highlights my own personal transformation from being an advocate for electric cars to realizing that as awesome and necessary as they are, they are only part of the solution to our energy and transportation challenges. As Zach humorously phrases it, if you perform 'liposuction' on a 3,000 lbs EV like Nissan's LEAF, which is rated at 114 mpge, you end up with an electric bicycle that can, under the proper circumstances get the equivalent of more than a 1000 mpg.

Last week and already this week, I used an ebike to 'commute' from my home in Sarpy County to the shop where we're converting a 20 ft ISO shipping container into our first prototype Quikbyke Qiosk. Round trip, it's just over 5 miles, a journey that takes me just 12 minutes one-way, allowing me to leave parked the Honda Odyssey minivan I use to haul bikes and equipment for the project. It's a fun ride made more enjoyable with the occasional assistance of the Falco eMotor 500W drive system. Mind you, I am still pedaling, just as Zach notes, but hills and headwinds are much more manageable.

I haven't figured out how many miles per gallon I am getting, a lot more once we start charging the bikes with solar power, but even if I am only getting a 'miserable' 250 mpg, that's more than ten times what I get when I use the van. Besides, when I ride, I also get to smell all the fruit tree blossoms that are out right now. I definitely can't do that in my aging Odyssey.

Posted By: Bill Moore [20-Apr-2016]