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Fun, Freedom & Fresh Air ™

What more can you ask for? That's Quikbyke's promise: a FUN ride for ages 18-to-80 with the FREEDOM to see more and do more at one's own pace while enjoying the FRESH AIR of the great outdoors.

We created Quikbyke with a clear mission: to get more of us driving (cars) less and pedaling (bikes) more with the payoff in our pocketbooks, seen around our waistlines and enjoyed in a more sustainable world.

We started with a simple concept: convert a shipping container to hold upwards of a dozen electric-assist bicycles. Power it only with sunshine and enable it to be shipped by surface or sea anywhere in the world. With 1800W of solar power* and 400Ah of battery storage, ensuring operation even on cloudy days, all that's needed to open its twin bifold doors for business is a good strong cellular phone signal.

Quikbyke is more than a theory. On a bare lot across the street from the venue for the U.S. Olympic swim trials in the summer of 2016 we put the idea to the test and found people loved it. Then we shipped our prototype Qiosk 1,500 miles to Florida's Space Coast to test its moblity. Now it's ready to showcase the Quikbyke concept and spread more "eBike smiles."

Ready to join the eBike "revolution" and share the fun and the profits? Find out below.

* Note: we are engineering an even more convenient rollout solar canopy that makes deploying the panels a one-person operation using technology developed for the Space Shuttle program.


Quikbyke began with a simple logic: give people the opportunity to feel what it's like to ride an electric-assist bicycle and they will, invariably, love it. They may even want to buy one.

From this premise we engineered the world's first 100% solar-powered, electric-assist bicycle rental Qiosk. Aided by a handful of investors and a matching grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development we've proved both the technology and the business concept: what we call "chapter one" of Quikbyke's story.

Now we've turned the page to "chapter two" with our move to Florida where we can showcase our groundbreaking -- and patent-pending -- "popup-shop-in-a-box" to cruise lines, resort operators, municipal governments, and private investors.

If you'd like to open a discussion about investing in Quikbyke, we have a convenient online Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) we ask you to sign first. We'll immediately follow up to share more of the Quibyke story with you.


Want to open a McDonalds? You need liquid assets of three-quarters of a million dollars. A Starbucks? You need $315,000 for the licensing fee. Starbucks doesn't franchise. A Battery + Bulbs shop? $220K just for starters.

Want to rent - and sell - electric bicycles from a secure, yet location-flexible, semi-mobile venue and can be placed almost anywhere because it is entirely grid-independent: a private parking lot, along a popular bike path, in a city park? That's what Quikbyke offers and at really favorable terms.

We can design and outfit our Qiosk to your private label specifications. We will also lease our units as Quikbyke-branded franchises. We'll also set up co-owned operations with a low upfront buy-in and revenue sharing agreement.

Look, electric bikes are huge in Asia. They are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. America is on the cusp of its own e-Bike tsunami. Here's your opportunity to do good and Ride the Sun™. to a profitable future.

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Greg Lank


Quikbyke will be hosting a 45-minute webinar featuring our Founder, Chief Technology Officer & Marketing Director.

Watch this space for more details.


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