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Page 50-51 article spread in Fall 2016 issue of SolarToday

SolarToday Publishes Quikbyke Article

OMAHA, NE 28-Oct-2016. SolarToday, the official publication of the American Solar Energy Association, today made its Fall 2016 issue available for general download. Among the articles featured is one entitled "Ebikes & Solar: The Perfect Marriage," which recounts Quikbyke's first summer deployment in downtown Omaha. Written by Quikbyke founder and interim CEO Bill Moore, it offers both textual and photographic insight into the startups experiences on its 10th & Dodge Street corner across from the CenturyLink Center, site of the 2016 US Olympic Swim Trials.

"We learned a great deal this past summer," Moore explains. "We found the two technologies worked well together, but we also need to do a much better job informing the public about the benefits of riding electric-assist bicycles and about Quikbyke. of course." The prototype rental 'Qiosk' housed six Prodecotech Stride 300 electric bikes, and is entirely solar powered. It is funded, in part, by a matching grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

Click here to read the Ebikes & Solar article.

Four intrepid ladies from Colorado brave rains to explore Omaha's historic riverfront.

Quikbyke Launches Corporate Team Rides Program

OMAHA, NE 8-Jul-2016. In the wake of Quikbyke's successful soft launch during the U.S. Olympic swim trials, the Omaha-based startup now intends to introduce more adults to the delight of riding an electric bike through an innovative 'Corporate Team Ride' wellness program for small groups of managers and staff in the Omaha market. Available for both early morning 8AM to 10PM and noon hour 11AM to 1PM time blocks, groups up to six can experience the "Fun, Fitness and Fresh Air" of an invigorating eBike ride along Omaha and Council Bluff's historic river front, as well as discovering some of the hidden gems of the downtown and Old Market areas.

Quikbyke's state-of-the-art ProdecoTech electric-assist bikes provide 300W of mechanical assistance at the twist of the throttle, while offering a manageable, no-sweat level of physical exercise that gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing. Typical rides are around 10 miles, but can go longer, up to 30 miles. Ebikes open up the biking experience to the non-athletes among us.

Corporate Team Rides are scheduled Monday through Friday. Call or text 402.575.8085 for rates and reservations.

Quikbyke Qiosk on site at 10th & Dodge in Omaha, NE.

Quikbyke Technology Pilot Opens Doors In Time for 2016 NCAA College World Series

OMAHA, NE 18-Jun-2016. Thursday evening after rush hour, a tilt-bed truck bearing a bright blue and green shipping container arrived at the corner of 10th St. and Dodge in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. Inside the modified 20 ft steel container are six ProdecoTech Stride 300 electric-assist bicycles. On top are six 310W LG solar panels; their purpose is to provide the electric power to charge the e-bikes' 10Ah Samsung SDI batteries, as well as run the "Qiosk's" energy saving LED lights and iPad Point-of-Sale station. The entire set-up is part of a prototype development program, funded in part by a matching grant from the Nebraska Department of Ecomomic Development. In addition to its rider-friendly e-bikes and 1.8kW solar energy system, the container boasts its own WiFi system, as well as cutting edge Bluetooth LE beacon technology using the Google-developed Eddystone Protocol. The bikes will be rented in one- and two-hour time blocks with an estimated range of 20-30 miles.

"This is as much a technology test as a consumer interest one," explains Quikbyke originator and managing director, Bill Moore. "We want to learn quickly and adjust to optimize both the rider experience and business model."

The container will remain at the 920 Dodge St. location until the end of September, when it will be relocated to Florida for further testing and evaluation.

Quikbyke Founder Featured In New Horizons

OMAHA, NE 7-Feb-2016. New Horizons, a monthly tabloid-size publication of the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging features in its February issue a cover story about Quikbyke founder, Bill Moore, describing the 68-yr-old "Papillon entrepreneur" as "working to put more people of all ages on electric assist bicycles as a way to promote fun and fitness and to help heal the planet." Entitled, "Peddling bikes," the two-page article written by Nick Schinker, a local freelance reporter and journalist, highlights Moore's goal of bringing the delight of riding an e-bike to the Omaha community through Quikbyke rentals. The article is available in both print and digital form, the former has an estimated circulation of some 25,000 readers.

New Horizons photo of Quikbyke founder with K15 electric bike

QuikTour Tech Coming This Spring

OMAHA, NE 27-Jan-2016. The Internet-of-Things has arrived at Quikbyke. To enhance the e-bike rider experience, Quikbyke has begun introducing wireless 'beacon' technology. Based on Google's 'Eddystone' protocol, both Android and iOS smart phones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 will soon be able to interact with these strategically placed, short-range transponders, linking riders to contextual information about the location, from its frontier history to its culinary mystery. According to Quikbyke founder and CEO Bill Moore, the Omaha-based venture initially plans to deploy ten such beacons in the downtown Omaha area and along the riverfront as part of its pilot rental trials in the Spring.

"We're very excited to be able to add this cutting edge IoT technology to the Quikbyke experience. I think our guests will find their rides even more entertaining as well as exhilerating."

Quikbyke QuikTour Eddystone protocol beacons displayed on PhysWeb browser

Container Prototype Arrives

OMAHA, NE 18-Dec-2015. A semi-trailer truck carrying two 20-ft steel shipping containers arrived this morning at Predator Customer Trailers and Motorcoaches in Papillion, Nebraska. [See video here] One of them will be converted by Predator into Quikbyke's first Q•pod, our prototype electric-assist bicycle rental kiosk. Funding for the project comes from a small team of individual investors and a 50:50 matching grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. Work will commence on the project starting in early January 2016, beginning with design of its solar panel-based power system. The project timeline calls for completion by early Spring with local consumer testing to begin in downtown Omaha.

Papillion Firm Selected as Quikbyke Contractor

PAPILLION, NE 1-Dec-2105. Today, ePEDALER International,llc, doing business as Quikbyke, has selected Predator Customer Trailers & Motorcoaches of Papillion, NE as its prime contractor for the development of its first Quikbyke Q•pod. The firm, which specializes in the fabrication of specialty trailers and large, custom-built recreational vehicles, will be responsible for the installation of interior components, interior and exterior painting, and installation of the solar energy and associated electrical systems. Delivery of the first 20-ft shipping container from Pro-Container in Missouri is expected before Christmas.

Prototype Development Grant Awarded

LINCOLN, NE 28-Oct-2105. The Nebraska Department of Economic Development today awarded ePEDALER International, llc, of Papillion, NE as 50:50 matching grant worth $27,000 to develop a prototype electric bicycle rental kiosk to test the viability of a business model that aims to place similar units at popular tourist and vacation destinations, relocating them on a seasonal basis. Each kiosk, called a Q•pod, will house between 12-15 electric-assist bicycles and will be charged primarily by solar panels. In addition, plans call for the eventual integration of Internet-of-Things connectivity to help ensure rider safety and security. The grant is good for two years.

Prototype Development Grant Submitted

PAPILLION, NE 5-Oct-2105. Today, ePEDALER International, llc, a Nebraska-based limited liability corporation submitted its application to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development for a prototype development grant. If awarded, the funds will be used, along with private investor capital, in the development of a prototype solar-powered electric-assist bicycle rental kiosk known as a Q•pod. The application required investors contribute a minium of $25,000 and demonstrate a viable business plan that can lead to the creation of good paying jobs in the state. Work on the prototype also must be done in the state by Nebraska-based firms and/or contractors.