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Your safety while cycling is our paramount concern. There are many places to ride that are safely segregated from auto traffic and we encourage you to ride there. But we also hope that as you get comfortable with our bikes that you'll also feel free to explore. Just be aware that traffic laws apply equally to bicycles as well as cars, so follow them as if you were driving. Additionally, there are some simple rules to follow anytime you cycle:

  • Rule # 1 - Where available ride on dedicated bike paths and trails, and sidewalks if permitted by local law.
  • Rule # 2 - If you must ride on the street, avoid busy ones, use quiet back streets, instead
  • Rule # 3 - If you have to ride on a busy street, try to ride in a group of cyclists
  • Rule # 4 - When riding in traffic be as visible as you can and avoid riding into driver blind spots*.
  • Rule # 5 - Watch for parallel parked cars whose drivers may unexpectedly open their door in front of you.
Other suggestions on how to ride safely can be found online. Here are several authoritative sources:

And as a security measure, when parking your e-bike always find a solid object to which you can securely lock it. Each ePEDALER e-bike comes with a bike chain or cable. Please always use it.

Driver blind spots vary with which side of road cars operate on. In British Commonwealth Countries and Japan, it's the left side of the vehicle. In all other countries it is on the right side of the vehicle.