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Solar-Powered, Grid-Independent Electric Bicycle Recharging Stations

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QUIKbyke developed what we believe is the world's first entirely solar-powered, grid-independent electric-assist bicycle rental "pop-up shop." Using only light from the sun, not only can electric bicycles be completely carbon-free, but so can be all the other electrical systems inside this 20 ft. sea-worthy converted cargo container, including lights, cellular WiFi, Point-of-Sales devices and more. Besides being secure and safe, our Quikbyke-engineered Qiosk is easily and affordably transportable by rollback car carrier. Yet it's strong enough to weather the worst. Our prototype, featured in the digital concept-to-customers slideshow below - a process completed in just over a month - came through Hurricane Irma's 125mph winds unscathed in 2017.

We offer four models of Qiosks from our GreenGrid model designed for electricity grids that are entirely or nearly all renewable energy powered, to our grid-independent SunBright model. There's an option for most pocketbooks and power grids. We can fabricate your Qiosk to your exacting specifications, including supplying quality, American-assembled e-Bikes, or we can engineer it to your current e-Bike supplier.

Our Story

QUIKbyke Engineering is a spin-off of EV World.com, among the longest running digital publications devoted to the world of electric vehicles, founded in 1998. We long ago came to appreciate the special moment we've come to call the "EV Smile" that everyone experiences after their first ride in an electric car or on an electric bike. We're dedicated to replicating that moment for as many people as possible.

Our Goal

Recognizing that eBikes increasingly will become an important alternative to automobiles, especially in congested urban cores, we aim to leverage our solar engineering and eBike rental experience into designing and fabricating of a range of complementary solar-powered eBike docking, semi-dockless and qiosk-free applications for campus bikeshare use and hotel/condominium venues.

Engineering by QUIKbyke

Quikbyke's first grid-independent solar-powered venture is its 20 ft converted cargo containers. Because we insisted that seaworthiness certification not be compromised, our all-in-one "pop-up shop" can be shipped anywhere in the world and set up in a morning. All that's needed is 160 square feet of level ground, plenty of sunshine, and a good strong cellular signal for Internet connectivity. If necessary, our SunBright model can be transported at highway speeds with the solar panels in place, allowing for quick relocation out of harm's way.

Business Models

We offer two Qioak acquisition options: franchise leasing and custom sales. In the case of the latter, independently-owned Qiosks can be ordered to the owner/operator's specifications. They can be outfitted with complete complement of up to 10 electric bikes, or without bikes. Franchise leases will come with bikes appropriate to the local geography and topgraphy. To learn more, use the contact points below.

Engineered by QUIKBYKE

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